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Our promise

You will be part of a diverse community where people trust and respect each other. We work closely together, which is our strength.


Focusing on you

Our agile and lean culture enables teams to take ownership of their business and includes continuous improvement mechanisms. This framework allows us to accelerate decision making processes, deliver higher values and drive growth. We embrace the idea of cross-functional and self-organizing teams that make communicating and collaborating more efficient. Learning from peers and seniors is a great opportunity to develop further.

Appreciating you

Our leadership team is empowered to inspire their staff and help them grow. We communicate on eye-level and engage with our employees. Goals are set jointly and we mentor you to meet your goals while allowing our employees autonomy. We belive in giving you the freedom to work in a way that suits you while working toward a set goal.

Challenging you

We are motivated by solving complex technical challenges.

The driving force in everything we do is the continuous development of medical instruments and equipment to improve patient outcome.

We are distinguished by our expert advice, our progressive approach as well as our industry-leading technology. We consider it our duty to maintain ongoing improvements to medical procedures. Together we create new approaches and make significant advancements as part of our teams, and that’s what drives us to be our best each day.

There are always new challenges and you might have to come up with solutions when you don’t even know how to begin.

The bigger the challenge the more interesting it is. And we always tackle challenges together and help each other learn and evolve. We promise you, it is very rewarding when you have the freedom to innovate and get things done – together.

The field of science, technology and engineering is never boring ...
IT Administrator +++ Konstruktionsingenieur +++ Teamleiter Applied Research +++ Specialist Regulatory Affairs +++ IT-Professional Applications & Process +++ Verpackungsingenieur +++ Forschungsingenieur Leistungselektronik
IT Administrator +++ Konstruktionsingenieur +++ Teamleiter Applied Research +++ Specialist Regulatory Affairs +++ IT-Professional Applications & Process +++ Verpackungsingenieur +++ Forschungsingenieur Leistungselektronik

Explore more interesting fields

Design & Development

We are really proud of our complex technical products, devices and instruments. They enable smaller, faster, and often minimally invasive procedures. We are shaping the future of medical technology with innovative solutions which we develop in close cooperation with…


We see ourselves as being the heart of our value creation process. After all, the products used by medical professionals worldwide are made by our hands. We are proud of this. We are very much aware of this responsibility - that's why we pay so much attention to the highest quality and constantly improve our processes.


We see ourselves as an enabler who empowers our customers to master their daily challenges. By interacting at trainings, trade fairs and workshops, we create awareness for our brand and we find tailor-made solutions for our customer's problems. Together, we improve…

Technical Service

Daily routines in clinical interventions of our customers in hospitals all over the world require reliably maintained devices and equipment. That is what we are aiming for with all our commitment and energy.

Caught your interest?

Developing you

We'll support you to develop your career with a mix of mentorship and formal learning opportunities.

Our annual appraisal meetings are based on an open and mutual feedback culture.

Our comprehensive on-the job training program support your own learning journey.

With our leadership program we constantly assess and improve our leaders' abilities.

We prepare our young professionals for their role in order to empower them to inspire their teams.

SEEKING YOU: We are looking for brilliant minds, for people who strongly believe in our mission and values. We all want to make a positive impact on our company and our customers. Customer centricity drives us and we want to help our customers improve the lives of their patients. If you feel the same and want to contribute to our success, you‘ll be a perfect fit.

INFLUENCING US: You can gradually improve your value and become someone that everybody turns to for advice. Your opinion and your insights are important to our organization. With your individualism and unique talent you will enrich our world and help deliver better patient care.

JOINING US: Be part of our amazing and strong global Erbe community with the spirit of a modern familiy business. We grow together and help others to grow like families do. We constantly exchange ideas and receive different rich input and point of views. We live the same culture with our values at heart and work on the same wavelength.